There is a better way to train

Simple, easy to understand, cycling training programs that learn about you


Build your plan with Spok’d for free


No thinking. Just ride.

On Spok’d, there is no “right plan”.

Your plan is automatically analysed and tweaked week-by-week, adapting to your progress.

Generate a plan, check your next session and go ride.

Rider feedback


@no_sweatman  “Since using Spok’d I can say it’s given me purpose to my training, offering a sense of direction to achieving my goals to the maximum.”


@DavidCRoberts I discovered Spok’d after recently taking up cycling. I was overweight and unfit. Within two months, after following the structured training, I completed a 100k sportive.  Over Christmas 2017 I completed the Rapha 500. Now, I’m regularly putting in 100 mile trips and riding regularly with my club mates on intermediate hilly rides.”


How much does it cost?


The avg. online coach is £120 to £80 p/m, Spok’d is £19.99 p/m.

There is a 21 day trial period before the monthly subscription of £19.99 starts. You can cancel anytime.


Uncovering hidden talent

Spok’d is running a pilot with British Cycling to identify new and exciting youth riders.

The goal is to help extend the reach and support of the Go Ride coaches. At the same time, provide youth riders a personalised self learning training program that will ensure no hard efforts will go unnoticed.

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The team

To create Spok’d, it is a team effort. Richard Lang - ex UK professional cyclist, Chris Newton - Olympian and British Cycling coach and Will Forbes - Performance analyst for the English institute of Sport have shaped Spok’d into what it is today. We recognise it’s a continuous process of improvement, just like riding a bike.